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The Freljord Pack by Jhoue The Freljord Pack by Jhoue
Тема Фрельорда приковывает к себе своим ледяным величием уже почти полгода. И сегодня мы собрали для вас большую морозную коллекцию, чтобы вы смогли насладиться в полной мере этим прекрасным миром: саундреки, трейлеры, галерея артов и, для желающих поностальгировать, промо-сайт Фрельорда.

Freljord's theme catches of the icy grandeur almost half a year. And today we have compiled for you a large frosty collection, that you can enjoy this wonderful world: soundtracks, trailers, art gallery, promotional Freljord website.

The Freljord Pack:
● Date of Freljord Patch, Promo Links
● Freljord Promo Music
● Lissandra Patch - Login Screens and Themes
● Wallpapers, Arts and concepts
● Video Links: Trailers, Music of Freljord, The Freljord & Lissandra - Promotion Music


The Freljord Pack by :iconjhoue:
LovingMonstercat Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013
Thanks for linking my Youtube videos (Login Screen Voices & Howling Abyss Soundtrack)! Really appreciate it. :)
You could have added some more Concept Arts & Models (of Lissandra, Howling Abyss & Sejuani's and Trundle's Rework) where you can find here:… &…
Maiser Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013
wow amazing
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